26 March 2005

Recommended bibliography

  • Sadie A and Samuel R, (Eds), The New Grove Dictionary of Women Composers, (London, 1994)
    Arranged alphabetically this dictionary is a fully comprehensive guide to women composers, supplying a biographies of varying lengths, supported by work lists and bibliographies.
  • Cohen I, (Ed), International Encyclopedia of Women Composers, 2 volumes, (New York, 1987)
General and Historical Books
  • Browers J and Tick J, (Eds), Women Making Music: The Western Art Tradition 1150-1950, (London, 1986)
    This book is presented like a general history of music, in chronological order, not only giving biographical information, but incorporating aspects of their music, society and influences. I found this the easiest to read.
  • Briscoe, J M Historical Anthology of Music by Women, (New York, 1987)
    By far the most enlightening in this list. Its sheer amount of music to support the biographical details is rare in a book concerning women composers.
  • Briscoe, J M Contemporary Anthology of Music by Women, (New York, 1987)
  • Pendle K, Women and Music: A History, (New York, 1991)
  • Jezic D P, Women Composers: The Lost Tradition Found, 2nd Ed. (New York, 1994)
  • Citron M, Gender and the Musical Canon, (London, 1993)
    A look at why women are not accepted into the generally accepted musical canon, those composers considered to be the 'Masters', or to have produced a 'Masterpiece'.
  • Drinker S, Women in Music, (New York, 1994)
  • Battersby C, Gender and Genius: Towards a Feminist Aesthetics, (London, 1989)
    Concerned with women in many creative aspects, not just music.
Specific Areas of Music
  • Fuller S, The Pandora Guide to Women Composers: Britain and America, (New York, 1994)
  • Cooper S (Ed), Girls! Girls! Girls!: Essays on Women and Music, (New York, 1996)
    Covers women's relationships with classical music in general, and includes the amusingly titled, 'Dead White Men in Wigs: Women and Classical Music' by Sophie Fuller
  • Baldauf-Berdes J L, Women Musicians of Venice: Musical Foundations, 1525-1855, (Oxford, 1996)
  • Hyde, Derek New Found Voices: Women in Nineteenth Century English Music, 2nd ed. (Ash, 1991)
  • Howes F, The English Musical Renaissance, (London, 1966)
    Includes some information about Dame Ethel Smyth
  • Monsaingeon B, Mademaiselle - Conversations with Nadia Boulanger, (Manchester, 1985)
  • Abdul R, Blacks in Classical Music, (New York, 1977)
Books by Female Composers
  • Lehmann, Liza The Life of Liza Lehmann, by Herself (London, 1919)
  • Mahler Werfel, Alma And the Bridge is Love, (London, 1959)
  • Valérie White, Maude My Indian Summer: A Second Book of Memoirs, (London, 1932)
  • Crichton R (Ed), The Memories of Ethel Smyth, (London, 1987)
  • Smyth, Ethel Impressions that Remained: Memories, 2 vols, (Lond, 1919)
Biographical Books
  • Tillard F, Fanny Mendelssohn, (Portland OR, 1992)
  • Reich, N B, Clara Schumann, (London, 1985)
  • Fitzlyon A, The Price of Genius: A Life of Pauline Viardot, (London, 1964)
  • Rosenstiel L, The Life and Woks of Lili Boulanger, (New Jersey, 1978)
    A fluent writer, Rosenstiel presented a well informed biography with much musical detail and analysis
  • Rosenstiel L, Nadia Boulanger: A Life in Music, (Toronto, 1982)
  • Kendall A, The Tender Tyrant. A Lie Devoted to Music - Nadia Boulanger, (London, 1976)
  • Bates, Carol Henry An Introduction to Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de le Guerre, (Brooklyn, 1966)
  • Johnson, C Introduction to Rebecca Clarke - Trio, (New York, 1980)
  • Wilkins M L and Askew C, 'The University of Huddersfield Dpt. of Music Project: Women Composers, 12th-20th.Centuries', Paynter J and Swanick K (Eds), British Journal of Music Education, vol. 10, (UK, 1993), 181-187
  • Women of Note Quarterly
    Published by Vivace Press, NW 310 Wawawai RD, Pullman, WA 99163-2959 (tel) (509) 334-4660.
  • New Notes
    Features new music, and consequently many new female composers. Published by SPNM 4th floor, 18-20 Southwalk St, London, SE1 1TJ.
  • Music, Gender Education Newsletter
    Details can be obtained from the school of Music, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K37 3NA.
  • Psychology of Music
    Published by Society for Research in Psychology of Music and Music Education.
  • Musical Quarterly
    Published by Oxford University Press. Although concerned with many aspects of Music it does not ignore female composers, frequently including articles on their music.
  • Music and Letters
    Published by Oxford University Press. http://www.ml.oupjournals.org
  • Musical Times
    http://www.webscribe.co.uk. A recent article was concerned with Nadia Boulanger. Although not primarily promoting Female composers the articles relevant to them are informative and authoritative.
  • British Journal of Music Education
    Published in London. Gives information on the state of music in our schools, colleges and universities.
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