26 March 2005

Barry, Margaret
Various-Irish Traditional Artists
Webb, Peta
Jelks, Maureen
McMorland, Alison
Robertson, Jeannie
Stewart, Belle
Stewart, Sheila
Turriff, Jane
Collins, Shirley
Roots Quartet
Women´s Collections
Gaelic Women
Scots Women
Songs of Three Nations Series
Fisher, Ray
Freya, Jo
George, Siwsann
Work Songs: songs about work: commentaries on womens songs
Dickens, Hazel
Dickens, Hazel and Gerrard, Alice
Seeger, Peggy
Waulking songs: Bannal
Waulking songs: Women from Barra
Whisper to a Song Collective
World Musicians
Women´s Voices as part of wider collections
Alan Lomax Collection
The Bold Navigators
Various Artists - Traditional Singers
Voice of the People

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