26 March 2005

At the top of this page you will find all the products that have been released recently and, further down, products which are older but new to the WRPM catalogue.

Artist Bradford Women Singers
Product Title Politics and Passion
Category Acappella
Product Description On the cd cover, "passion" is written over "fashion"-a core message of this first cd by these skillful and committed musicians. Rich collection of arrangements and compositions, see track listings

Artist Grímsdottír, Bara
Product Title Virgo Gloriosa
Category Acappella
Product Description Compositions sung in multi-harmony, mixed voices and soloists: sacred texts and a eulogy to a remarkable Icelandic woman. Her music shows her fondness for folk music and other popular music and is both ethereal and grounded. The cd is beautifully presented with full and excellent notes on all the music and the composer.

Artist Mariza
Product Title Fado Curvo
Category World Music
Product Description Acclaimed second album following her 2003 sellout tours and success in the BBC World Music Awards. The album succeeds in creating the unique atmosphere of Mariza's live performances, with audiences riveted by the sound and vision of this unique performer of the "Portuguese blues".

Artist Raman, Susheela
Product Title Love Trap
Category World Music
Product Description Fascinating second cd from this skillful composer and performer. Introducing some African elements and recorded in Spain, this album has a warm and relaxed tone, with a confident sense of enjoyment as well as amazing musicality and inventiveness.

Artist Silver, Judith
Product Title Raisins and Almonds
Category World Music
Product Description Subtitled The bitter and sweet of life through Yiddish Song. The result of a special grant Judith was awarded. Also features Anam-Cara and Schalom Bakhsayesh and recorded live in London in May 2002

Artist Small, Judy
Product Title Mosaic
Category Feminist and Political
Product Description This new album is now available from WRPM, (exclusive in the UK).

From the notes to the cd on Judy's website:
Audiences will be familiar with some of the songs on this new album, and have been asking for them to be recorded. For some time now Judy has been performing Stolen Gems, the song she wrote for Ruby Hunter about her experience as part of the stolen generations, and Song of My Father, her poignant tribute to her father, who died when she was just a teenager. Another song that may sound familiar is a revised and rearranged version of Our Best Friend (2003), a protest against times like these, when the samples of war are rattling and the differences between us are used to instill fear and dread rather than being celebrated.

There are also some very new, and as yet unheard songs: a rollicking song about the women's movement (There's Life in the Old Girl Yet), an anthem for peace and justice (Never Lose Hope), a song about a woman who took her child who fled from a violent relationship (Wanted Woman) and another about the joy of singing (Joseph Nkolo is singing tonight).

Judy decided this time to set up a home studio to make the recording process more relaxed and was joined by Chris While and Julie Matthews in engineering, producing and musical direction
Judy has always described herself as singing songs she writes and songs she wishes she had written. This album reflects that description with three songs she loves. One, by Janice Ian, (Days Like These), is about the devastation drought brings to the land, and another is Ewan McColl's song 'Nobody Knew She Was There', a haunting song he wrote for his mother that has a universal message about the unseen and thankless tasks carried out by so many women who maintain the order we take for granted in our everyday lives.

In all there are 11 tracks on the new album, 9 new songs from Judy and 2 others.

Artist Sweet Honey in the Rock
Product Title The Women Gather, 30th Anniversary Album
Category Acappella
Product Description A milestone in vocal and political music, vibrant and compelling new songs all too relevant to the ongoing fight for peace and equality. "Messages of love, liberation, struggle and social responsibility".

Artist Welch, Gillian
Product Title Soul Journey
Category Folk
Product Description Brilliant and moving new cd with Dave Rawlings

Artist Williams, Kate
Product Title Looking Out
Category Jazz
Product Description The Kate Williams Quartet play Kate's compositions (all apart from track 9) Featuring Kate piano, Julian Siegel, Sax and bass clarinet, Jeremy Brown double bass, Matt Skelton drums

Artist Bisserova Sisters (Bulgaria)
Product Title The Favourite Macedonian Songs
Category Acappella
Product Description Everything you would have at a celebration in Bulgaria, wonderful dancing music and joyous vocals.

Artist Bisserova Sisters (Bulgaria)
Product Title From the Roots to the Top
Category Acappella
Product Description The authentic and thrilling close harmonies of the Bulgarian oral tradition.

Artist Carthy, Eliza
Product Title Heat, Light and Sound
Category Folk
Product Description All the tunes on this album are English, arranged by Liza, and "represent the work being done to revitalise the English fiddle repertoire." Liza in voice and instruments (including monster): other musicians include Heather Wrigley

Artist Chadwick, Helen
Product Title Where Distance Begins
Category Acappella
Product Description Helen's compositions using her own writing or setting poetry, sometimes in her own translations. The cd is full of riches, many personal accounts expressed in Helen own idioms of harmonies and tone. A great range of moods and ideas, all beautifully crafted.
The album was reviewed by Sue McCreeth in MUSICIAN June 2003:

Helen Chadwick's 17 tracks are her own compositions with her own lyrics and also words by kind permission of various poets. The sound is always minimalist and varies from solo vocal line or acappella harmonies to piano or percussion accompaniment all of which she sings and plays herself. The opening track -What they don't tell -is an incisive and moving narrative set to a simple and repetitive melody with beautiful lowlit vocal harmonies that almost have the effect of an approaching swarm of large, mellow and gentle honey bees. Loops of Pearl and Umwegitane contrast with witty story telling in Jean Jacques (which made me laugh out loud - especially the bit about carrying "soft bendy foam" mattresses down the street in broad daylight(!) - brilliant) and again with the sombre The Words We Speak and One Regret.

There is throughout a sense that this music has been inspired by a close observation of vocal folk music from around the world. Helen Chadwick's work is a victory of focus and the music enjoys a blissfully intertwined life through the subtle and earthy tones of this warm artist's breath.

Artist Chadwick, Helen
Product Title Rumi
Category Acappella
Product Description Poems, songs and stories by Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)
Poems and stories told by Ashley Ramsden, songs composed and sung by Helen Chadwick

Artist Chapman, Tracy
Product Title Let it Rain
Category Feminist and Political
Product Description Powerful and inventive new album. Features "You're the One"

Artist Dadawa
Product Title Sister Drum
Category World Music
Product Description An album inspired by Tibet, with musician HE Xuntian, built on research into Tibetan folk music and spiritual journies there. Dadawa (artist and singer) believes the music is ultimately to explore ourselves and our contemporary existence.

Artist Kidjo, Angelique
Product Title Black Ivory Soul
Category World Music
Product Description Exploring the musical and cultural links between Africa, especially Benin, and Brazil. Joined by multinational group of musicians from Brazil, Africa and the USA.

Artist Kouyate, Kandia
Product Title Biriko
Category World Music
Product Description Beautiful collection of acoustic songs with intimacy and warmth.

Artist lang, k.d.
Product Title Lifted by Love
Category Feminist and Political
Product Description Maxi-single cd of great versions

Artist MacColl, Kirsty
Product Title Electric Landlady
Category Blues and Soul
Product Description

Artist Maconchy and others
Product Title Dedications
Category Women Composers
Product Description Clarinet Classics series, including Maconchy's Clarinet Concertino and also work by Hoddinott, McCabe and Harper

Janet Hiton, clarinet, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Artist Maconchy, Lefanu, Whitehead and Others
Product Title Tracey Chadwell's Songbook
Category Women Composers
Product Description Very special collection made by the British Music Society in memory of the New Zealand soprano Tracey Chadwell 1959-1996

This double cd-set features Tracey' s voice solo or with Pamela Liddard piano and John Turner recorders. Includes rarely available works by Maconhy, Lefanu, and Gillian Whitehead. Excellent notes with tributes and lyrics to all the songs.

Artist Makeba, Myriam
Product Title Le Monde de Miriam Makeba
Category World Music
Product Description Early collection published in France

Artist Makeba, Myriam
Product Title Mama Africa
Category World Music
Product Description Compilation of 25 key tracks from her long career. 75" playing time. Excellent value cd

Artist Malope, Rebecca
Product Title Siyabonga
Category World Music
Product Description

Artist Malope, Rebecca
Product Title Iyahamba Lenqola
Category World Music
Product Description

Artist Mariza
Product Title Fado em mim
Category World Music
Product Description Awarded the BBC 3 best album in the Europe category but recognised as a singer of major status. This album contains an additional collector's edition Mariza Live at Womad and does give the authentic sense of occasion from her performances and her totally distinctive voice.

Artist Masuka, Dorothy
Product Title The Definitive Collection
Category World Music
Product Description The "Grand Dame of African Music". This title and album is a tribute to one of Africa's most understated venerable singers less well-known only due to the restrictions placed on her for expressing her beliefs in music.

Artist Monk, Meredith
Product Title Key
Category Women Composers
Product Description Reissue of compositions 1967-70
Invisible Theatre

Artist Parveen, Abida
Product Title Songs of the Mystics
Category World Music
Product Description Ghazals and kaafis.Recorded live in the UK in 1999. Each cd is over an hour long.

Artist Parveen, Abida
Product Title Visal (The Meeting)
Category World Music
Product Description Mystic poets from the Hind and the Sind. Compositions by Abida. With tabla, dholak, harmonium and flute bansuri.

Artist Patterson, Sarah
Product Title Nandita´s Dream
Category Music for Children
Product Description A Magical Journey for Children of All Ages, featuring Sarah as performer and composer with Black Umfolosi . An inspired and exciting creative collaboration, in which children and adults alike can join. Plenty of music, melody and harmonies to get into with excellent vocals and instrumentation. Individual contributions by Rowena Whitehead (lead harmonies), Gila Antara (acoustic guitar)and Sotsha Mayo, Dumisani Ndlovu and Benia Phuti from Black Umfolosi. Also featuring the Rainbow Children's Choir. Highly recommended.

Artist Phillips, Sian
Product Title Gramundus
Category World Music
Product Description Welsh fiddle music developed by Sian from traditional folk dancing books and also from her own ideas and other musicians. Sian plays a fiddle handed down in her family from originally her great great grandfather. With Cass Meurig fiddle, Dafydd Saer and Chris Lewis guitars and Paul Hopkins mandola.

Artist Sainko
Product Title Out of Tuva
Category World Music
Product Description Recorded between 1986 and 1993. Includes Tuvan throat music but also Sainko's more recent exploration of new directions.

Artist Schumann, Clara
Product Title Schmann Piano Concertos and other works
Category Women Composers
Product Description Clara- Piano Concerto, Konzertsatz, Three Romances, Nocturne
Robert- Piano Concerto, Fantasiestücke

Ludy Parham piano and the BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Barry Wordsworth
Brilliant value 2-cd set, 90 minutes playing time

Artist Sebestyen, Marta and Muzsikas (band)
Product Title The Bartok Album
Category World Music
Product Description Hungary's most celebrated music group follow Bela Bartok's melodies back to their roots in the villages of Transylvania. Marta and violin virtuoso Alexander Balanescu join the band in this fascinating journey.

Artist Shocked, Michelle
Product Title Texas Fireside Takes
Category Feminist and Political
Product Description 2-cd set. Edited 1987 version featuring weak batteries, wrong tape speed and incorrect song titles AND the complete unedited session with never before released songs and narratives. Also journal of notes from the 1980s

Artist Shocked, Michelle
Product Title Deep Natural
Category Feminist and Political
Product Description Deep Natural and Dub Natural, 2 cds
2 hours of music

Artist Smyth, Ethel
Product Title British Composers Series : Ethel Smyth
Category Women Composers
Product Description Great collection of hard to find works including The Boatswain's Mate Aria from her opera The Wreckers (currently disgracefully out of print) and March of the Women as well as her Mass in D.
Orchestra of the Plymouth Music Series. Eiddwen Harrhy soprano

Artist Southorn, Maddie
Product Title Unlikely Prom Queen
Category Feminist and Political
Product Description See above

Artist Street, Karen
Product Title Finally ...a Beginning
Category Women Composers
Product Description This is the cd that was the result of the process of Karen "finding her own voice". She plays all her own compositions, and is joined on some tracks by Fred Baker (guitar and bass) and Stan Sulzman (soprano sax and flute). No multi-tracking was used except for "Full Circle"!

For enquiries to buy this cd use the Special Order button or email: mail@karenstreet.com

Artist Various British Female Folk Artists
Product Title A Woman's Voice
Category Folk
Product Description Subtitled First Person Singular, this collection of female folk artists on the Topic label brings together a great array of distinctive voices.

Artist Various-Irish Traditional Artists
Product Title Lament
Category Folk
Product Description Special project bringing together 14 haunting solo airs from the Irish tradition of lamenting in many kinds of musical expression including keening. The cd was made to commemorate in music the dead of the violence of Northern Ireland. Includes Alanna O'Kelly's One Breath, 0.45" track length. Instruments: Low whistle, Uillean pipes, Fiddle, Accordion, Bodhran, Cello and Harp.

Artist Vasconcelos, Monica
Product Title Oferenda
Category Jazz
Product Description Joyous album with Nois ensemble to "celebrate lemanja , the Queen of the Sea as the traditional February processions to the sea take the goddess gifts of flowers, jewellery, perfume.

Artist Waterson: Carthy
Product Title Dark Light
Category Folk
Product Description

Artist Wilkins, Margaret Lucy
Product Title Free Spirit
Category Women Composers
Product Description The first cd of Margaret's landmark works from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Includes first recordings of three works. She explores spatial elements and musical theatre, ranging from orchestral compositions to works for soloists and electroacoustics.

The cd has excellent liner notes with descriptions of the music, performance and texts.

See the news page for perfornances of ome of her work at the Chard Festival in May 2003.

Artist Williamson, Cris
Product Title Snowangel
Category Feminist and Political
Product Description A rarity from 1985 on Olivia records. Seasonal music in 11 favourite tracks

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