26 March 2005

WRPM changes-Message from Hilary
July 2005
This month there are just a few titles left in the final sale of cds by WRPM women composers and some remaining stock in some other categories. You can find all the titles available at truly unrepeatable prices by checking the special offers or on the page of the composers you are interested in. Payment by cheque to Hilary Friend but please phone or use the special order to check availability and to arrange delivery. Or you can pay online via Amazon. The cd entry on this site will tell you if this is possible for the cd you want to buy.

I have retired from fulltime WRPM. Many thanks to Kate Howard , Faith Watson, Jane Wass and others who gave fantastic help during last year. Also to the many musicians and customers who have sent best wishes.

Unfortunately so far it has not been possible to find a way of WRPM continuing as before but I am looking into various means of keeping some aspects of WRPM going in so far as I can. This includes the question of where the archive of WRPM 1999-2004 should be housed.

In time, more information will eventually be added to the website to tell you where you can get hold of this wonderful music if WRPM no longer has stock. This will be either from the musicians themselves or from women's music suppliers in the US or from small suppliers in the UK.

To musicians-please don't sent your cds for WRPM to review or promote as unfortunately that service is no longer available.

To all-please also look out for changes in email in the future.

Finally I shall really miss all the festivals but am still discovering and exploring yet more aspects of the wonderful world of music and its creation.
Hilary Friend

Events in 2002-03

There will be a WRPM stall for information, networking and sales at some of these events. Check for details and for updates beforehand by email or phone (0161 861 8727).


Other Contacts and Dates

WRPM 1979-99
The WRPM Archive collected by Caroline Hutton from 1979 has now been properly recognised. It is now part of the City of Birmingham Public Library Recordings are in the Music Library, Central Library, Chamberlin Square, Birmingham B3 3HQ. Tel: 0121 303 2482. Papers, press material, posters etc are in the City Archive at the same address. Phone 0121 303 4217.
The Centre for Political Song
Opened at the Glasgow Caledonian University in Spring 2001, the Centre for Political Song promotes all aspects of political song and facilitates research. Welcomes donations and enquiries.

In Summer 2002, "Them and Us", a programme of Scottish Political Song was part of the Edinburgh International Festival, organised in association with the Centre.

Centre of Political Song or phone 0141 331 8453 for a wealth of information and links
Women in Music
If you have any role in the music world you need to know about the future of the Women in Music organisation. Let your voice and ideas be heard!
? ?
If you are interested in information about Women in Music in all genres, in professional development and music in education, in commissions, networking and contributing your own ideas and news, then Women in Music IS FOR YOU. Registered charity. Contact Women in Music

The Womens Jazz Archive
The Archive is now housed at the Jazz Centre, Cambrian Place, Swansea and has launched its website. Jen Wilson Voluntary Director of the Archive has a Swansea Citizen Millenium Award to continue documenting African American music in the city.
Visit The Women's Jazz Archive or contact 01792 466083
Natural Voice Practitioners Network :Singing is our Birthright
Launched 2000, visit The Natural Voice Practitioners' Network for information on events, workshops and teachers in all parts of the country. Founded by Frankie Armstrong, singer, teacher and activist.


Newsletterfor 2002-03

WRPM website

Customers from all over the UK and many other countries are coming to the WRPM site. Women composers Saariaho has gone to Poland, Bacewitz to Brazil! Jazz and marimba concertos to New York, to name but a few of the further-flung! Over 350 artists and 700 titles and growing! Updates continue via email and by post. Keep on phoning and emailing with your suggestions too! You can now also download the latest version of the catalogue for reading and printing at home.

WRPM Forum

Is open to celebrate the anniversary! Contribute your own ideas and news via the news page and the forum! The site provides an online space to open up the WRPM networking that has been going on already for 25 years!

WRPM links, events and outlets

Let us know if you are planning events where you would like WRPM publicity or the stall. Tell us via email about websites where you would like to see a weblink to WRPM. We can provide a WRPM logo/flash which will take you straight onto the WRPM site.

Over the year 2001-02, WRPM attended some 12 events, including one 5-day stall at the Giving Voice festival in Wales, a first!
October: ChequerMead, Sussex: Language of Women Festival
November: Sheffield. Raise Your Banners Festival.
December: Bradford and Manchester Women's Festivals.
December: Manchester Community Choir.
January: Natural Voice Practitioners Gathering.
March. International Women's Events in Manchester, York(New Music Day) and Southampton (Contemporary Music).
April: Aberyswyth, Giving Voice Festival.
June: Taunton. Hotbed Symposium for Women Creators of Music organised by Chard Foundation for Women in Music.
July: Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. National Street Choirs Festival.


During the year WRPM music has also been distributed through the new PasstheBook shop at the Pankhurst Centre in Manchester and by several women musicians in their workshops and courses. WRPM would be pleased to hear from women musicians or shops that would like to do the same.

Supporting Women Musicians

WRPM continues to offer an outlet and publicity for individual musicians throught the catalogue, at their events and now with more scope on the website. WRPM buys directly from musicians and small companies whereever possible and this year had over 60 different suppliers as a result, making sure your money goes back into the creative process and the local economy!

A good year for women's music?

WRPM had another very good year in 2001-2 with sales increasing by another 25% following a similar rise in the previous year. It was especially exciting to supply substantial orders for recordings of the works of women composers to University Libraries at Leeds and York. The website is making it possible for WRPM to reach enthusiasts who have never heard of WRPM before. Women in Music and the Chard Foundation continue to do pioneering and sterling work to promote and support women composers and musicians. However it is sad to report that the magazine Women in Music Now has gone out of regular production which a loss of an important resource. Thanks are due to Suzanne Chawner the editor who did a fantastic professional job on it. Meanwhile the picture remains very mixed. New movements like Ladyfest go from strength to strength: even fewer women composers were featured on the BBC Proms while the recent statements by Joni Mitchell deploring some aspects of the music industry suggest that little has fundamentally changed and that the cause of WRPM remains as valid as ever.

Are due to the women who have given their time to help at events, in the office and with publicity. Notably: Diana Turnbull, Helen Minors, Dorothy Teague, Anne Power,Carole Helme, Wyn Simister, Brenda Taylor, Margaret Lucie-Wilkins, Nicola Lefanu and students at York University, Doris Prugel-Bennett, Virginia Firnberg: Suzanne Chawner from Women in Music Now, The Giving Voice Festival organisers and the Chard Festival Team. With sales:AnneMarie Murphy, Kate Howard, Faith Watson and Judy King.

And especially to the expert webwomen at Labrys Multimedia

Hilary Friend WRPM

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