26 March 2005

Shopping at WRPM
WRPM has created this page to make your visit to our web site as enjoyable as possible - but also easy and secure, and to ensure that you have the best possible experience whilst shopping on our site. If you have any problems during the order process or wish to make any kind of enquiry, please do not hesitate to e-mail us on music@wrpm.net or telephone 0161 861 8727 Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm A message can be left on the answerphone on this number at any time and will be answered as soon as possible.

Shopping on the WRPM website is based around a familiar 'Shopping Basket' system. You simply add and remove items to and from your 'basket' as you move around the shop. Once you've got the items you need, simple click on the 'Proceed to checkout' button - then (and only then) will we ask for the details we need to fulfil your order (including payment - explained below).

Cds, tapes and books are arranged in categories, and you'll know exactly where you are throughout the store because of our easy to use navigation system . You can search for title, artist or description.

How to pay
We have tried to offer you as many ways of making payment as we can. Once you are in the checkout section, you can choose the following payment options:
- payment using on-line credit card purchase
- payment where you send us your credit card details or cheque separately (by post, fax or telephone)
Once again, do not hesitate to phone or email any query.

Paying by card
If you decide to order offline WRPM accepts the following credit or debit cards:

WRPM has for many years taken card payments and has had 'Merchant' status with the bank to do this. For complete credit card security for on-line payments, WRPM has made an arrangement with WorldPay a leading on-line credit card transaction provider. Your security is important to us. - so we've taken credit card security very seriously.

We will take your order details first - and then pass you to the WorldPay secure web site where you will be able to pay for your goods using one of these cards

Pounds Sterling only

in complete safety and security - and we hope come back to the main WRPM site to browse not only the catalogue but the news and other sections of the site. All feedback is very welcome.

Listening to the music clips
Some products have a sound clip of one of the tracks available for you to listen to. You will see this symbol when you can listen to a clip. Some albums have more than one clip and you will see this: 1 2

The sound clips on the WRPM site are RealAudio files. They can be played by any program recognising .ra and .ram files but the most common is RealPlayer (or RealOne as the new version is called). Please ensure that you have the latest version from http://www.real.com/. There is a free version of this software available.

When you click on the symbols your browser may ask if you wish to download the file or open it from the current location. Choose 'Open from current location'. The clip will then play and the track information will be displayed in RealPlayer/RealOne. If you cannot see it click 'View/ClipInfo' from the menu.


I click on the clip but nothing happens
Do you have RealPlayer/RealOne installed?
Is it the latest version?
Try making sure the RealPlayer/RealOne program is open before clicking on the clip.

I click on the clip and RealPlayer/RealOne tries to open it but freezes
Close any programs that you have open other than your web browser and try again.
Try restarting your machine.
Try playing other clips from other sites. If you cannot play these either then you have a conflict or faulty configuration.
Try uninstalling all versions of RealPlayer/RealOne on your machine and reinstall the latest version.

For further help please try the RealNetworks Frequently Asked Questions page. If this does not solve your problem please email music@wrpm.net giving information about you browser, operating system and describing the problem you have encountered. We will respond as soon as we are able.

Contact WRPM
Please feel free to contact WRPM for further help or with comments or suggestions by any of these methods:
Phone: 0161 861 8727
Email: music@wrpm.net
Mail: WRPM, 7 Thornbridge Avenue, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9DN

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