26 March 2005

Armstrong, Frankie
Baez, Joan
Bluegrass Female Singers
Briggs, Anne
Carpenter, Mary Chapin
Carroll, Liz
Carter, Deana
Carthy, Eliza
Cherish the Ladies
Coe, Chris
Felix, Julie
Gauthier, Mary
Harris, Emmylou
Harris, Sue
Jones, Bill (Belinda)
Kerr, Bertolo, Girardon
Kerr, Nancy and Fagan, James
Kerr, Sandra
Kerr, Sandra and Nancy
Kydd, Christine
MacDonald, Catriona
Mackenzie, Talitha
MacMaster, Natalie
McGarrigle, Kate and Anna
McKennitt, Loreena
Mills, Joan and Heartsong Choir
Murphy, Julie
Olsen, Kristina
Parsons, Niamh
Phillips, Sian
Prior, Maddy
Rhydderch, Llio
Roots Quartet
Rublowska, Katrina
Rusby, Kate
Russell, Janet
Russell, Janet with Christine Kydd
Seeger, Peggy
Shannon, Sharon and The Woodchoppers
Shocked, Michelle
Siberry, Jane
Silly Sisters
Sisters Unlimited
Stevenson, Savourna
Tabor, June
Tickell, Kathryn
Topp Twins
Tweed, Karen
Tweed, Karen and Carr, Ian
Various British Female Folk Artists
Various-Irish Traditional Artists
Various-Political Folk Song
Waterson, Lal and Knight, Oliver
Waterson, Lal and Norma
Waterson, Norma
Waterson: Carthy
Webb, Peta
Webb, Peta and Hall, Ken
Welch, Gillian
Williams, Dar
Williams, Kathryn

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