26 March 2005


Sisters in Rhythm since 1990 on djembe, sabar, tongue and bass drums: originally playing and chanting mainly African rhythms, now also drawing on other influences and instruments and including contemporary arrangements by Tori Morrill. Inanna is the name of the Sumerian goddess and one of the first drummer, indicating the group's association with Layne Redmond and her book When the Women were Drummers.

Beyond Tradition

Interesting new cd with vocals as well as drumming. Vision and intention developed in intense group sessions to make unique arrangements of music brought to the group by the individual members
2002          £15  


Great collection of 12 tracks, some extended length, of songs in drumming, percussion and voice. cd format can be ordered, email for information

Special Offer: Halfprice! cs 5!
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1998          £5  

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