26 March 2005

Download the WRPM catalogue

This is where you can get the latest version of the WRPM catalogue onto your own computer for viewing or printing.

Opening the files
The following catalogue files are in 'pdf' format and can be opened using Adobe's free software called Acrobat reader. If you do not have this installed, click on the 'Get Acrobat Reader' link to the right and follow the instructions on Adobe's web site for installation and usage.

When you click on one of the files below your browser may either try to open it within your browser or download it depending on your settings. If you wish to make sure you download the files for viewing at a later time please do the following:-
- In MS Explorer: Right click on the file you wish to retrieve and select "Save Target as" from the menu
- In Netscape: Right click on the file you wish to retrieve and select "Save Link as" from the menu
(NB on a Mac, hold down the Control key, click the link and select "Save link to disk")
Note where you save the files to and then open them from within Acrobat Reader

With images Without images
Acappella (560k) Acapella (65k)
Resources (434k) Resources (66k)
Music for children (242k) Music for children (46k)
Music for dancing (97k) Music for dancing (33k)
Feminist and political (698k) Feminist and political (63k)
Folk (894k) Folk (73k)
Blues and soul (331k) Blues and soul (46k)
Jazz (202k) Jazz (38k)
Spirituality and healing (426k) Spirituality and healing (57k)
Traditional singers (294k) Traditional singers (43k)
World music (1,137k) World music (81k)
Women composers (1,232k) Women composers (144k)

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