26 March 2005

  Gardner, Kay (1941-2002)

Kay's untimely death in August this year has deprived us of a pioneer composer and healing practitioner. American by birth but a world musician in outlook and practice,she spent many years composing to aid healing, meditation and relaxation and raising awareness of music's health-promoting power. Versatile on numerous flutes, she used a whole range of sonorities and always with melody and structure, creating work that trancends all usual boundaries.

In 2001 Kay made a welcome return visit to the UK as a leading exponent at the Colour and Healing Conference in Cambridge. As well as demonstrating the effects of her skilled toning (scanning with sound) to astonished group workshops, she was injecting energy into every conversation and otherwise routine activity -and despite a massive heatwave.

Experimental as ever, she gave a life performance of Rainbow Path at one of the concluding evening sessions, adding perfume as a new enticement to our senses to the already rich experience of sound and mandala colours. She will be sorely missed.
The full range of Kay's available recordings can be found in the WRPM catalogue, including a new collection of choral work with women's choirs which was released earlier this year.

Women with Wings

This CD, which was released just before Kay's untimely death in August 2002, is subtitled 'Hand in Hand and Heart to Heart'. Chants and songs of affirmation and empowerment.
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2002          £14  

Dancing Souls-Kay Gardner and Mary Watkins

Kay and Mary Watkins play flute and piano improvisations. Mary recorded with Olivia Records as early as 1978 and is well known for her piano artistry. These are flowing and accomplished pieces in an effortless variety of styles, recorded live at the 1999 Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, the 1999 National Women's Music Festival and in 2000 (2 tracks) at the Sofa Sound Studio.
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2000          £16  

Music as Medecine

Kay's unique approach to creating music for healing: ask for details.
1998    6 cassette pack.       £40   Special Order

Music from my Mother's Garden

Piano compositions over 20 years.
1998          £15       £16  
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Drone Zone Healing Music
1996          £14   Special Order

One Spirit

World flutes and multiple percussion.
With Nurudafina Abena
1993          £10       £15  
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1992          £15  


Seasons of Life Oratorio for female soloists, chorus and orchestra.
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1991          £15  

Sounding the Inner Landscape

Music as the primary tool for healing with compositions and techniques specially created for these meditations and guidances. See below for book.
1990          £10       £15  
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Garden of Ecstasy with Sunwomyn Ensemble

Includes heart chakra.
1989          £14  

Fishers Daughter
1986          £8  

A Rainbow Path

Beautiful acoustic instrumental music for relaxation, movement and meditation. 8 sections each relating to its own chakra and colour, with its own instrumentation and with meditation texts provided. Accompanying mandala posters by Gina Halpern may be available, ask for details.
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1984          £16  

Ocean Moon

The best instrumentals from "Mooncircles" and "Emerging".
1984          £16  

Moods and Rituals
1980          £10  

1975/92          £10  


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