26 March 2005

  Seeger, Peggy

Always moving on and developing, this magnificent songwriter and instrumentalist was singing the power of older women on her 1999 tour.

Love Will Linger On

Peggy in a different mode, romantic with instrumentals and contemporary settings. With Irene Scott
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2000          £14   Special Order

Period Pieces
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1998          £12  

The Peggy Seeger Songbook

Part songbook, part autobiography, part political and social narrative. "The standard to measure songbooks by".
Subtitled "Warts and All -40 years of songwriting"
1998    extra postage       £25   Special Order

An Odd Collection
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1996          £14  

Almost Commercially Viable (with Irene Scott)
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1993          £14  

The Folkways Years 1955-1992
1992          £14  

Travelling People

From the controversial Radio Ballads series of the 1950s - 60s with Ewan McColl, produced by Charlie Parker
There are 7 others in the series and a free booklet.

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