26 March 2005

  Asher, Meira

Meira Asher has studied traditional percussion and dance in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. She has learned Dhrupad vocal techniques and tabla playing with master musicians in North India. She's worked in musicotherapy for autistic children and has taught percussion in several Israeli universities and music schools.


"Dissected" is singer / composer / percussionist Meira Asher's debut, self-produced album. It was greeted with amazement and shock upon its release last year in her native Israel. As a result, Meira Asher is now considered as one of the most radical and original artists in her country.

Her songs tackle a number issues that few artists dare to approach, especially in the Middle-East: incest, AIDS, torture during the Intifada, feminine sexuality... Her profound & savage lyrics (in Hebrew, Arabic & English) are offset against more serene fragments inspired by great erotic or philosophical texts from the Old Testament.

The music on "Dissected" is mainly based on voices, some electronics, and an array of percussion instruments (played mostly by Meira, with guest appearances by Rony Iwrin, by tabla player Hanif Khan, and by Yuval Gabay from Soul Coughing). Very special atmospheres, inspired by African, Indian and Middle-Eastern traditions, and disrupted now and again by harder, electronic grooves.
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