26 March 2005

Rhydderch, Llio

Revered exponent of the unbroken tradition of harp playing and an important link in it having been taught by teachers of the lineage. Llio has received the music from the oral tradition and has also researched the manuscript sources written by harpists and fiddlers during the 18th and 19th centuries. Llio is developing the triple harp as the distincitive Welsh idiom and also as she believes it can develop in the modern day.


Llio on Triple and Single Action Harps, 4 harps, 2 fiddles, whistle and fife including the younger generation of female performers.
Outstanding example of the ancient minstrel tradition of oral transmission. Several example of sets of variations, distinctive of the tradition and also more modern music.
1997 Fflach label          £13  

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