26 March 2005

  Small, Judy

Brilliant songwriter and transformer of Australian folk music to politics, families and relationships. She uses her worldwide tours to champion women´s causes and illuminate our everyday experience with strength and humour and shares her experience of campaigning for aboriginal rights.


This new album is now available from WRPM, (exclusive in the UK).

From the notes to the cd on Judy's website:
Audiences will be familiar with some of the songs on this new album, and have been asking for them to be recorded. For some time now Judy has been performing Stolen Gems, the song she wrote for Ruby Hunter about her experience as part of the stolen generations, and Song of My Father, her poignant tribute to her father, who died when she was just a teenager. Another song that may sound familiar is a revised and rearranged version of Our Best Friend (2003), a protest against times like these, when the samples of war are rattling and the differences between us are used to instill fear and dread rather than being celebrated.

There are also some very new, and as yet unheard songs: a rollicking song about the women's movement (There's Life in the Old Girl Yet), an anthem for peace and justice (Never Lose Hope), a song about a woman who took her child who fled from a violent relationship (Wanted Woman) and another about the joy of singing (Joseph Nkolo is singing tonight).

Judy decided this time to set up a home studio to make the recording process more relaxed and was joined by Chris While and Julie Matthews in engineering, producing and musical direction
Judy has always described herself as singing songs she writes and songs she wishes she had written. This album reflects that description with three songs she loves. One, by Janice Ian, (Days Like These), is about the devastation drought brings to the land, and another is Ewan McColl's song 'Nobody Knew She Was There', a haunting song he wrote for his mother that has a universal message about the unseen and thankless tasks carried out by so many women who maintain the order we take for granted in our everyday lives.

In all there are 11 tracks on the new album, 9 new songs from Judy and 2 others.
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2003    Price till end of August 03       £12  

Let the Rainbow Shine: Judy Small Out and Proud

A collection of songs celebrating lesbian and gay life, this album is the culmination of 2 years work and would not have happened without the support of generous people from Australia, England, Canada, the USA, Denmark and Japan. It is an exciting collection of songs many new from Judy, some written by other song writers and some re-recorded for this album. Judy gathered together a wonderful women's band for the recording and album launch concerts: Kerry Gilmartin will play bass, Cate Burke, guitar and tin whistle and Sally O'Brien, drums. (see Judy's website www.judysmall.net) Includes the favourite track Lesbian Chic.
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1999          £15  

Never Turning Back

90s retrospective, this compilation of songs from Judy's earlier albums contains the best of songs from Ladies & Gems, One Voice in the Crowd, Home Front, Snapshot and Second Wind. It complements The Best of Judy Small which features Judy's music from the 80s
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1998          £13  

Global Village

Full of lasting lyrics and memorable melodies, this is a favourite recording. Available but please use Special Order button to contact WRPM to order this cd.
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1995    Very limited supplies available       £13   Special Order

Second Wind

Very limited quantities available
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1993          £13  

The Best of Judy Small

This definitive compilation was previously released as Best of the 80's. Complements Never Turning Back which features Judy's music from the 90s.
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1993          £15  

1990          £8       £0   Out of Print

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