26 March 2005

  Rainier, Priaulx (1903-1986)

Born in Natal, South Africa. From an early age, she formed an appreciation of sounds in nature and music of the aural tradition, notably the rhythmic drive. She began to play the violin in 1913, and later studied in London at the Royal Academy of Music. Her first compositions occurred in 1937, 'Three Greek Epigrams', which was followed by her 'String Quartet'; a very successful and large scale work. Her musical style absorbs African sonorities to create a purely personal voice. She was influenced by her contemporaries and fused a number of techniques, but her chromatic, rhythmically alive music is unique.

British Choral Music

Requiem by Priaulx Rainier.
Text is poem by David Gasgoine, written for Priaulx with a choral setting in mind.
Other works by Francis Routh and Alan Rawsthorne.

National Youth Choir of Great Britain, National Youth Chamber Choir, Redcliffe Ensemble.

Contribution to Unicef
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1996          £12  

Quartets, Trio, Ploermel

String Quartet, Oboe Quartet:Quanta, String Trio, Ploermel for winds and percussion.
String Quartet (1939)
Obeo Quartet
String Trio

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1992          £12  

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