26 March 2005

  Clarke, Rebecca (1886-1979)

Born in Harrow, England, she attended the Royal College of Music; the first female to study composition. Her Violin Concerto gained her joint first in a competition. Her works include songs and chamber music. Technically her works use non-functional harmony, with added sixth and sevenths. Rhythmic ingenuity can be heard in her viola and cello works. Many view her style as a fusion of Impressionism, English folk tunes and solid chords.

Features in Historical Anthology of Music by Women

Piano Trio and other works

Performed by: Bekova Sisters

Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano
Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (Ives)
Midsummer Moon
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2000          £14  

Viola Sonata

Clarke's Viola Sonata
also features Bax's Viola Sonata

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1984          £10   Out of Print

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