26 March 2005

  Chadwick, Helen

Helen sings acappella and creates thrilling harmonic moves with the most perfect delivery and skillful multitracking. She uses many poetic sources as well as her own powerful words.

Well known for her work with Georgian music, Helen is a world artist in her own right.

Where Distance Begins

Helen's compositions using her own writing or setting poetry, sometimes in her own translations. The cd is full of riches, many personal accounts expressed in Helen own idioms of harmonies and tone. A great range of moods and ideas, all beautifully crafted.
The album was reviewed by Sue McCreeth in MUSICIAN June 2003:

Helen Chadwick's 17 tracks are her own compositions with her own lyrics and also words by kind permission of various poets. The sound is always minimalist and varies from solo vocal line or acappella harmonies to piano or percussion accompaniment all of which she sings and plays herself. The opening track -What they don't tell -is an incisive and moving narrative set to a simple and repetitive melody with beautiful lowlit vocal harmonies that almost have the effect of an approaching swarm of large, mellow and gentle honey bees. Loops of Pearl and Umwegitane contrast with witty story telling in Jean Jacques (which made me laugh out loud - especially the bit about carrying "soft bendy foam" mattresses down the street in broad daylight(!) - brilliant) and again with the sombre The Words We Speak and One Regret.

There is throughout a sense that this music has been inspired by a close observation of vocal folk music from around the world. Helen Chadwick's work is a victory of focus and the music enjoys a blissfully intertwined life through the subtle and earthy tones of this warm artist's breath.

2002          £14  


Poems, songs and stories by Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)
Poems and stories told by Ashley Ramsden, songs composed and sung by Helen Chadwick
2001          £14  


Field received rave reviews, comparing Helen with Meredith Monk in her use of the wordless voice in some of the tracks (see Women Composers:Contemporary).

Let's celebrate this CD. Helenīs done it again!
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2000          £14  

Gone from View
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Return Message
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