26 March 2005

Keal, Minna (1909-1999)

Composer finally coming into her own in later life, domestic circumstances preventing her from pursuing her early musical training. She writes with virtuoso technique, creating bright, lively and breathtakingly original pieces. In the 1989 documentary on her life and music, she said "The main thing about my music is that it is completely abstract.....there's no programme but I really think I express the turmoil of living......a lot of happiness and unhappiness.....I've always been struggling to do something with my life and I just try to express all that in my music."

90th Birthday Concert

Performed by: Bingham String Quartet

Fantasy (1929) and String Quartet (1979)
With interview of the composer.

Other works written for her 90th birthday by Justin Connolly and Robert Keeley.

Concert was recorded live just one day before Minna's 90th birthday on March 21st 1999, and the interview recorded a week later. Minna died on November 14th 1999.

Stephen Bingham writes:all of us in the Quartet have been delighted to be associated with Minna and her music.

The Quartet Opus 1 which was first performed by the Bingham String Quartet in 1989 was dedicated by the composer to the Quartet.
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1999          £8  

Cello Concerto and Ballade

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Martyn Brabbins conductor
1997          £14  

A Life in Reverse

Includes Symphony no3, wind and string quartets. BBC Symphony Orchestra with Odaline de la Martinez (conductor), Archaeus Quartet.
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1996          £10  

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